Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final Thoughts

"How has your opinion changed, or not changed regarding technology integration?"

Over the past 11 weeks I don’t think that my opinion on technology integration has changed, I have always been avid in saying that technology needs to be present in today’s classroom because of the generation of students found in schools today. I am part of that generation that was constantly exposed to new technologies growing up and I couldn’t imagine my life without it. But in saying that, I would say I have learned how to integrate the technology I love better into the classroom, so that it serves a better purpose and the students are able to use the technology to its full potential.
This will be useful to me in the future because now that I have learned how to integrate these technologies into the classroom in more useful ways, I will be able to bring that to my classroom for my students to enjoy as much as I did in this class. This class has just opened my eyes to the world of possibilities out there for technology and it makes me want to keep learning more about what new technologies are going to be coming in the future that I could one day use in my classroom. 
I think that my favourite integration of technology was the web-quest. It was fun to make and I think it is a great way for students to make use of the internet on their own in a controlled environment. Everything that they need to complete their assignment is right there at their finger tips and it makes the lesson so much more interesting for the students. So I will definitely be using web-quests in my classroom in the future. 

Thanks Dave :)

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